Have you missed a classroom observation because you were asked to substitute teach? Been assigned to “fix” a teacher? Had a teacher who chronically cancels meetings? Are teachers (and possibly even your principal) confused about what you actually do as a coach? You are not alone!

While other books on coaching provide an invaluable overview of the profession, our survival guide is a resource for when things aren’t going as planned. Meant to be consulted on the fly, this book details a wide variety of tactics for overcoming obstacles that frequently prevent a coach from helping others improve, all while embracing the irregularities, idiosyncrasies, and even absurdities of working with adults.In each of the 47 scenarios it discusses, we will help you to:

Choose your own best plan of action

Game out contingency plans and follow-up steps

Gather the right tools and supplies

Find sources of inspiration

Protect yourself from burnout

With the right guidance, even the difficult parts of coaching can be an exciting journey for those who truly want to impact the learning of teachers and students. So grab your metaphorical hiking boots and cram our guidebook into your pack, knowing that you’ve got a trusty reference tool for emergencies!